A4 Waist Challenge Has Gone Popular

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How do you measure your waist? I believe most girls use soft tape to circle your waist. Besides of this, do you know there is another way to show how slim you are instead of by reading numbers? Use A4 paper! Yes, you are not wrong. The common A4 paper also comes in useful to show off your slim waist. In China, if you haven’t heard about A4 paper challenge, you are outdated! The challenge has gone crazy popular in Chinese social media, especially in Weibo. Chinese women (and even including some men) are holding up pieces of paper both in front of belly and at the back of their waist to show how tiny they are. Of course, the paper was posed vertically. They post images on social media with hashtags like #A4Waist or #A4WaistChallenge. According to some report, the A4 paper challenge has been followed by more than 130,000 users.

Fat Burning and SlimmingFat Burning and SlimmingFat Burning and Slimming

So what is the exact size of a A4 paper? It is 8.3” * 11/7”, which means those who participated in the A4 waist challenges all have waists thinner than 8.3”. (If they didn’t use Photoshop to resize their waist) Have you ever dreamed about 8-inch waist? Every women do! However, most people are too lazy to do exercise and hardly have balanced diet, or they are pregnant! They post some funny images too!

Fat Burning and Slimming Fat Burning and Slimming Fat Burning and Slimming


A thin waist and tiny belly don’t only make you look sexy, but also give you a healthier body! Now, people sitting in the office easily get fat accumulation on belly and waist. Many young people with pretty faces have big bellies just like people in middle age do. If you have the same problem, read some useful tips and fat burning recommendations. If you follow the step by step, you can proudly say that the size of your waist is A4! I am waiting for you to show off your tiny waist and healthy body on your social media one day!