Jennifer Lawrence Never Plays Hunger’s Game

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The film Hunger Game in which Jennifer Lawrence starred hit the theaters. Who is not jealous for the adorable Jennifer’s slim body?  She is a girl with strength, beauty, kindness, and intelligence. Let me tell you a little secret. She has never been on diet. The smart girl said she never starve herself for a part. The health is much more important than your physical beauty. The importance of the diet is what you eat instead of how much you eat. Eat healthy food and keep your diet balanced. It is better to eat various food in a meal if possible. Your diet should include fish, meat, veggies, and fruits for balanced nutrition.

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Jennifer is also an anti-vegan, anti-gluten free consumer. Skinny person loves meat and sugars too! It must be a good news for anyone who wants to lose weight but loves meat and dessert. Jennifer disagrees with Kate Moss’s quote “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. She can name lots of food that tastes better than skinny feels, like bread, french fries, cheese…and Philly cheese steak.

While she doesn’t diet and even she is a junk food lover, she does exercise! Thank to Dalton Wong, her former trainer, Jennifer still maintains killer physique on screen. While filming X-Men, Jennifer started the day with jog outdoors. It is not even about running, but just about walking outdoor. Dalton said, “It wasn’t a run I would say necessarily for exercise. It was just to go and get moving, to get out in nature.” Like Jennifer, many people are hard to squeeze an hour for exercise. Dalton makes Jennifer do 15-minute “power circuits” including legs, and butt routine. Jennifer’s training will always ends up with a relaxing yoga. Deep breathing and stretchers help to relieve the stress and helpful for sleeping.

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Not every person can afford a private trainer and we are too lazy to exercise everyday. You may be a food lover and cannot live without dessert just like me. Is there any way we can lose weight and keep healthy? Of course! Check here to see a fat burning solution!