Skincare benefits of Vitamin C

Benefits of vitamin C in skincare routine


Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that is present in some foods. This vitamin is an essential dietary component as well as a topical skin care ingredient.

Adding vitamin C serum in your skincare routine is the best anti-aging product for skin rejuvenation. The serum have a higher concentration of vitamin C to penetrate the skin and target the problem areas effectively.

Slow down premature aging – antioxidant protection from free radicals in the environment. Also help to protect your skin from harmful UV rays from sun exposure.

Promote collagen production – Collagen protein keeps your skin looking younger and healthier to stand the test of time.

They naturally brighten your skin to reduce hyper-pigmentation and fades age spots.

Vitamin C comes in many forms and some derivatives or actives that are better than others

Ascorbic acid is the most unstable and can irritate the skin at high concentrations but is often use for cosmetics due to its longer shelf life.

Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate are water-soluble derivatives of vitamin C and is considered as the best form used for skin care products. Its less irritating and and is more stable.

MiLEOX brand of MD Vita-C -20% is made from the most stable of vitamin C called Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. This was found to sustain product potency for long during as compared to L-ascorbic acid used in other brands that break down after 3 months of formulation or upon exposure to high temperature. It is a super antioxidant serum that fights existing sun damage as it also protects from future sun damage. The 20% concentration of Vitamin C and Ferulic acid reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens the skin tone, rebuilds collagen structure, and neutralizes free radicals without causing irritation. Shop at and

Apply few drops serum to freshly cleansed and slightly damp skin. Use clean finger to spread the serum to your face and neck. Wait 10 minutes before applying moisturizer. Start serum once a week application then increase to every 2 days depending on the skin crisis.